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Longtime protégé of Daniel Boulud, Travis Swikard is returning home to San Diego next month to search for a spot to open a Mediterranean-style restaurant. Swikard grew up in North County and began experimenting with the local food scene when he was just four years old. In the meantime, he worked as the culinary director of Epicerie Boulud and Bar B. He began his formal culinary education at the New England Culinary Institute. In San Diego, Swikard started cooking at an early age. He was four years old when he watched his father deglaze a pan with Cognac, which sparked his love for food. He started working in kitchens at age 14 and soon began to cook with his father. He even received a Daniel Boulud cookbook from his father for Christmas one year. He then moved to New York with his father and took a job at a sushi bar. In 2009, he was only 15 years old when he approached Chef Deborah Scott of Island Prime. He landed a four-year position in an upscale restaurant and was recognized for his talent and vision.

After more than a decade in New York City, Swikard has moved back home to San Diego and opened his first solo restaurant, Callie. It is a Mediterranean-style restaurant that will open in Fall 2020. He plans to serve Mediterranean-style dishes that he created in San Diego. He also hopes to bring his own creations to San Diego. At the moment, his menu is limited to small plates, so expect a lot of food. After spending a decade in New York, Swikard is returning to his hometown to open his first solo restaurant, Callie, which will be located in San Diego. This restaurant is a Mediterranean-style eatery and will be open in Fall 2020. The name is a tribute to his childhood friend Callie Swikard. While the menu is still under construction, his team has high hopes for a successful opening.

After more than a decade in New York, Swikard has returned home to open his first solo restaurant in San Diego. Known for his creativity and passion for a Mediterranean-style menu, the Mediterranean-style restaurant will be Swikard’s first solo venture. It is expected to open in Fall 2020. If you’re wondering where Swikard is aiming to open his new restaurant, you’ve come to the right place.

After more than a decade in NYC, Swikard plans to open his first solo restaurant in San Diego. The restaurant will be a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. It will open its doors in Fall 2020. It is a dream come true for Swikard, who spent years chasing his dream. The New York Times named him one of the best chefs in the world in the food industry. With his passion, he’ll continue to set the bar high.

In addition to his upcoming restaurant, Swikard’s other projects will include building a new restaurant in San Diego. He’ll work with Cohn Restaurant Group partners and will create the menu for the restaurant, which he will co-own. The two have worked together for over 15 years, forming a relationship that lasted until the latter hired Swikard. After working together for several years, he moved to New York with Kaysen and helped open his first solo restaurant, Boulud Sud.

While working for Cohn Restaurant Group, Swikard is building his own restaurant in San Diego with partners and the Cohn Restaurant Group. The company has been Swikard’s long-standing partner for over fifteen years, and he’s worked for the group at several restaurants in his early career. He has also worked with the owners of a few of the city’s most popular restaurants, including Cohn’s own, Kemo Sabe, and Coasterra. Swikard, who hails from San Diego, was a young boy who knew he wanted to become a chef since he was a toddler. Swikard worked in the kitchen at his father’s house in high school. Eventually, he moved to New York and started working at a sushi bar. He eventually landed a four-year job with his father and became a sous-chef at the highly regarded restaurant Island Prime.

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